Engineering Services

Our staff engineers and long-time field experts can help you to better design systems.

Our people have a wide range of backgrounds in many fields and industries. This diverse collection of experience ensures that our customers' projects receive the benefit of several viewpoints -- both technical and practical. Our engineering team is well suited to provide all the know-how you need to complete projects large and small.


We've long considered ourselves to have some of the industry's most comprehensive experience when it comes to sanitary pumps. There are many different pump technologies available for different products. We have the experience to help you select the right one for your application.

Heat Exchangers

Heat transfer is an important part of any food production process. We work with many different types of heat exchangers and can select the right one for your process.


Gaulin Homogenizers have been a part of our core business for over 25 years. As an authorized distributor and service center for the APV Homogenizer Group (now part of SPX Flow Technologies), we can provide assistance in specifying a new Gaulin homogenizer or help diagnose problems with existing installations. Our homogenizer rebuild shop has been called the best in the business and can assist you with homogenization issues - both mechanical and process related.


Our expertise in controls and our staff of engineers and technicians gives us good knowledge of the proper instrumentation to use to measure and control your process. We specialize in finding dependable, sanitary instruments from a variety of sources.