Sanitary Pump Experts - New and Refurbished

We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to recognize and recommend the proper pumping technology for a wide variety of food & beverage products. Our general philosophy of keeping equipment in stock applies to sanitary pumps. We maintain a large inventory of Fristam centrifugal and Waukesha positive displacement pumps to quickly meet our customer’s needs. While those are the most popular styles, we also work with most major pump brands. We have solid experience with other pumping technologies like progressive cavity, double diaphragm, and many others. Our Pump Shop serves as an authorized rebuild center for Waukesha Universal Series (circumfrential piston) pumps and we ship out mounted pump assemblies nearly every day.

The Pump Shop often teams up with our Fabrication Shop to build small, versatile pump carts with VFD speed controllers for maximum utility. These popular carts can be used for simple transfer applications, CIP of small vessels, and many other applications.

We also apply our expertise toward providing rebuilt centrifugal and positive pumps from all major manufacturers. We have professional pump mechanics who have previously worked in plant maintenance, so they’re fully aware of the real-world conditions that any pump will see out in the field. Whether you need help selecting the right pump or if you just need your desired model fast & right, give us a try and we’ll hopefully impress you a little along the way.