Homogenizer Experts

At Dairy Engineering Company, we have vast experience in both the operation and maintenance of APV / Manton / Gaulin Homogenizers and High Pressure Pumps. We are proud to offer new APV Gaulin and Rannie Homogenizers through SPX Flow.


Our experienced Homogenizer Shop also offers completely rebuilt Gaulin homogenizers and high pressure pumps with a limited warranty to give you peace of mind. We have the ability, people, and experience to configure and build a homogenizer that you need for your application – we don’t just offer you whatever configuration suited the previous owner.

Our position as authorized distributors for APV Homogenizers (via SPX Flow) gives us access to OEM parts and factory support, so we can offer expert advice as well as parts & service. If you have an older machine gathering dust as an idle asset in a warehouse, we can offer a full shop-rebuild of your existing Gaulin homogenizer to return it to service. Our 30+ years of experience means that the result is as close to “factory refurbished” as you can get. Our rebuild service includes:

Wet-End Rebuild


  • Disassembly of cylinder block including removal of all studs and inspection of threads. Full polishing before re-assembly.
  • All new/rebuilt cylinder internal parts including plungers, packing adjusting rings, springs, etc.
  • Complete rebuild of homogenizing valve(s) including new seals and elastomers. All new/reground homogenizing valve parts.
  • Shop test at pressure. Can be witnessed, if desired.

  • Drive-End Rebuild


  • Stripping / re-painting of mild-steel drive-end surface.
  • Complete rebuild of machine drive-end including inspection/replacement/repair of all drive components, seals, bearings, etc.
  • All bearing surfaces are inspected or rebuilt to within factory recommended tolerances.
  • All new / rebuilt hydraulic & lube oil systems, where applicable.
  • Motor inspection and testing under load w/ repairs as necessary.



  • Comprehensive testing of all rebuilt machines at full pressure
  • Cosmetic polishing of stainless steel surfaces, as necessary. Loosening of all adjustable legs
  • All machines are placed on a skid, provided with protective wrap, and carefully loaded on a flatbed carrier
  • Rebuild workmanship is guaranteed for a full year. Cylinder block is guaranteed to be sound and working upon arrival.

    Our team of professional homogenizer mechanics is also available for field service for your APV-Gaulin homogenizer. We can schedule regular visits for Preventative Maintenance (PM) service or can often offer emergency service depending on our current workload.

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