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Professional Homogenizer Rebuilders

At Dairy Engineering Company, we have vast experience in both the operation and maintenance of APV / Manton / Gaulin Homogenizers and High Pressure Pumps. We have the ability, people, and experience to configure and build the homogenizer that you need for your application – not just offer you whatever configuration suited the previous owner. We only sell completely rebuilt homogenizers and high pressure pumps. Our standard rebuilding service includes the following:

Wet-End Rebuild

  • Disassembly of cylinder block including removal of all studs and inspection of threads. Full polishing before re-assembly.
  • All new/rebuilt cylinder internal parts including plungers, packing adjusting rings, springs, etc.
  • Complete rebuild of homogenizing valve(s) including new seals and elastomers. All new/reground homogenizing valve parts.
  • Shop test at pressure. Can be witnessed, if desired.

Drive-End Rebuild

  • Stripping / re-painting of mild-steel drive-end surface.
  • Complete rebuild of machine drive-end including inspection/replacement/repair of all drive components, seals, bearings, etc.
  • All bearing surfaces are inspected or rebuilt to within factory recommended tolerances.
  • All new / rebuilt hydraulic & lube oil systems, where applicable.
  • Motor inspection and testing under load w/ repairs as necessary.


  • Comprehensive testing of all rebuilt machines at full pressure
  • Cosmetic polishing of stainless steel surfaces, as necessary. Loosening of all adjustable legs
  • All machines are placed on a skid, provided with protective wrap, and carefully loaded on a flatbed carrier
  • Rebuild workmanship is guaranteed for a full year. Cylinder block is guaranteed to be sound and working upon arrival

We generally separate homogenizer applications into the following categories:

  • Production - Standard single or 2-stage homogenizers in a wide range of sizes & configurations to suit many different production applications
  • Lab - While not always "benchtop", these homogenizers are used for laboratory scale testing.
  • Specialty – Ultra High Pressure homogenizers often built for pharmaceutical applications like cell rupture and liposome creation.
  • Obsolete - These older machines are available for parts - either whole or a piece at a time.

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