Refurbished Heat Exchangers - Dairy Engineering Company

Dairy Engineering Company maintains a large selection of used heat exchangers suitable for use in sanitary processes. Before being sent to you, any heat exchanger purchased will be refurbished to ensure that the equipment you receive.

Plate Heat Exchanger Refurbishment Process

Dairy Engineering Company offers Clean, Test, and Regasket (CTR) services for plate heat exchangers through a partnership with an OEM-certified service center on the Colorado Front Range. This process includes:

  • Visual inspection of the plates and removal of gaskets
  • Chemical bath immersion to remove any fouling or scaling
  • Dye testing for plate integrity to eliminate any plates with pinholes or cracks
  • Gasket groove inspection and preparation
  • Regasketing using factory recommended bonding methods
  • Reassembly and pressure testing for leaks prior to shipment

Shell and Tube Refurbishment Process

  • Pressure test of the shell, all tubes, and all connection fittings
  • Weld repair of any leaks
  • Rust and old paint removal, where applicable
  • For mild-steel shells, application a coat of primer to make the heat exchanger suitable for painting. Final coat of epoxy paint is often available upon request.
  • Replacement of worn, cracked, or hardened gaskets
  • Pressure testing the exchanger as it will be supplied and making any repairs, replacing any gaskets, and replacing any plates as necessary to fix all leaks.

Please keep in mind that plate heat exchangers are extremely reconfigurable. Plates can be added or removed in order to increase or decrease the heat exchange surface area for your process. Our applications engineers are more than happy to help you in determining the surface area that your process requires and in determining the heat exchanger that is right for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us.