Refurbished Sanitary Tanks - Dairy Engineering Company

Dairy Engineering Company maintains a large inventory of used stainless steel tanks suitable for use in sanitary processes. While there are many sources of used vessels, we recondition our tanks prior to sale and stand behind our work with a limited guarantee. Before being sent to you, any tank purchased will be inspected and reconditioned by our experienced staff in order to ensure that the equipment you receive will be of the highest quality. Our refurbishment process is described below.

In addition to supplying the tanks listed here, we are capable of modifying them to meet your specifications. Our experienced shop personnel are capable of changing inlet and outlet fittings, adding agitators, adding and removing lids, and making any other modifications that you may require. If you are interested in having a tank modified, please contact us and a member of our experienced sales staff will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation.

If you are not sure which tank is right for you, feel free to contact us and one of our applications engineers will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right tank for your system or project.

Storage Tank Refurbishment Process

  • All tanks undergo a 16 point inspection process to verify the integrity of inlet/outlet fittings, manways, gaskets, vents, legs, door hardware, agitators, heating/cooling jackets, etc.
  • Tanks are generally offered with whatever equipment and fittings are shown in the photographs, but our fully capable tank shop can make most desired modifications to inlets, sightglasses, agitation, etc.
  • Once any modifications are complete, all product contact surfaces are fully inspected, repaired, and polished to a food grade finish.
  • External surfaces are either polished (if stainless) or primed (if painted). White Epoxy or “Steelit” paint can be added upon request.
  • Final static water test to ensure integrity of tank interior
  • Cooling/heating jackets are re-checked for 24 hours prior to shipment

Processor Tank Refurbishment Process

  • A processor undergoes an additional 6 point inspection to ensure integrity of pressure rated jacket(s) and agitator motor/gearboxes.
  • On processors with more advanced agitation, scraper blades and/or steady bearings are inspected, repaired, or replaced, as necessary. Agitators are powered and verified for proper operation and balance.
  • Once any modifications are complete, all product contact surfaces are fully inspected, repaired, and polished to a food grade finish. Stainless exterior surfaces are cosmetically polished.
  • A final static water test to ensure the integrity of the tank interior.
  • A final 24 hour pressure test of the jacket prior to shipment.