Refurbished Sanitary Valves - Dairy Engineering Company

Dairy Engineering Company is one of the only equipment dealers who work extensively with used sanitary valves. We reconfigure the valve to meet your needs and expertly polish and rebuild it to exacting standards. All valves are pressure tested before shipment to ensure they are ready to install into your sanitary process. We deal with all current models from SPX (Waukesha), TriClover, Alfa Laval, Tuchenhagen, and SPI while also maintaining good supplies of older (and sometimes obsolete) valves from Cherry Burrell, APV, G&H, Crepaco, Superior Stainless, and others.

Refurbishment Process

  • Complete disassembly of valve. Inspection of valve body, ferrules, seat areas for mechanical damage. Inspection of stem and sliding surfaces for contact wear.
  • Disassembly of valve actuator (when possible) and replacement of seals & elastomers. Evaluation of non-serviceable actuators with recommendations for replacement, if necessary.
  • Replacement of valve seat(s), O-rings, and other seals.
  • Actuation and pressure testing of valves after rebuild.