Shop Services

Our versatile shop is one of the industry's best kept secrets. We perform quality work at rather reasonable rates. Our staff deals with a very wide range of applications with the ability to meet exacting specification from CAD generated drawings or work off a 'back of an envelope' sketch. It all depends on the needs of the customer.

Fabrication Shop

Our Fabrication Shop has been building quality skidded systems for decades as part of our role as an integrator of new equipment purchases. Recently, we've had our customers turning to us to package together systems of their own design simply because they like the quality of our work.

While we are not a sanitary fittings manufacturer, we can combine, weld, and machine fittings from various sources to create custom combinations. We offer complete services to create custom piping assemblies, adapters, custom machined parts, and other stainless steel assemblies. Any one of our engineers or shop personnel can help you figure out the best way to economically construct custom devices. If custom work beyond our shop capabilities are required, we have long standing relationships with fittings manufacturers who are willing to take on custom work. Let us know how we can help.

Pump Shop

We have a full time team of pump mechanics in our Pump Shop with considerable experience with all types of pumps, mounting, and drive systems. We offer several options for stainless steel pump bases ranging from simple rolled-edge baseplates to zero-recess designs.

Homogenizer Shop

Our Homogenizer shop has a full time crew of professional homogenizer mechanics who know Gaulin homogenizers inside and out. They have decades of combined experience and can often help diagnose intricate problems over the phone. Field service is available for Gaulin homogenizers ranging from simple inspections to complete rebuilds.

Machine Shop

Dairy Engineering has full-time machinists who work on sanitary, stainless steel equipment on a daily basis. In addition to helping to repair used equipment, our machinists can also perform custom machining of stainless steel based on your AutoCad or Solidworks drawings.

Tank Shop

Due to our business in used tanks, our tank shop crew has extensive experience diagnosing and repairing many issues that can develop in food grade storage tanks. From agitator rebuilds, to clean up and repolishing of damaged surfaces, to repair of heat transfer surfaces, our crew deals with nearly all aspects of storage vessel refurbishment. They also perform field repair on tanks and silos throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

The Right Experience

At the beginning, the primary purpose of our shop was solely to support our Used Equipment business. As the company grew, projects involving new equipment began to dominate the schedule. We soon discovered that the experience our personnel had gained working on older equipment proved invaluable when dealing with new. Seeing what had gone wrong with past systems helps us better design and construct newer ones.