Spare Parts (Expired)

A Classic Full-Service Distributor

Dairy Engineering Company is first and foremost a full-service stocking distributor for many trusted manufacturers of sanitary processing equipment. We have always taken our role in distribution seriously and we strive to keep parts in stock to keep your business running. This goal evolved from a basic philosophy of our founder.
As a former head of production and maintenance, our founder discovered that many sanitary suppliers were lacking in their ability to ship parts and equipment on an emergency basis. He decided then that one of the keys to a successful business is having what people need, when they need it. We consider our stock of equipment to be impressive and we hope you do, as well. Our parts inventories often rival or exceed those of the factories. We keep parts for obsolete pumps and valves with the idea that "someday, somebody will need it". Nobody can have everything, but we like to think we are about as close as anybody has come in the industry.