Used Sanitary Pumps - Dairy Engineering Company

Take the guesswork out of buying a used sanitary pump

We believe we have the largest selection of used sanitary pumps in the entire industry. We have long considered sanitary pumps to be one of our strongest specialties. We do more than just pick from a list of available items on a shelf - we reconfigure a rebuilt pump with proper impeller sizes and motor selections to suit your particular needs. Whether you have a simple transfer job or a unique, sensitive pumping application, we can build the right pump for you. There are three main categories of pumps that we deal with:

Centrifugal Pumps

For simple transfer of water-like fluids, centrifugal pumps are the obvious and affordable choice. Centrifugal pumps with a hygienic design are used to transfer liquids like milk, juice, beer, wort, ethanol, soft drinks, and just about any beverage product. We have a wide selection of leading brands like Fristam, Alfa Laval, TriClover, and Waukesha along with many others designed to meet 3A, EHEDG, and NSF sanitary standards.

    Positive Displacement Pumps

    For thicker, high viscosity products, the most common pump style used in the food industry is a twin-shaft, rotary pump commonly referred to as a Positive Displacement pump. This style pump can be further sub-divided into rotary lobe and circumferential piston pumps, but due to their basic similarities, we've listed them all in this single section. If you have questions about which style or size may be right for you, please feel free to consult one of our application engineers. Once a suitable pump has been chosen, our experienced mechanics carefully disassemble and rebuild the pump to meet the needs of your application. As a distributor for new pumps and parts from Fristam, Waukesha, SPX, Alfa Laval, TriClover, APV, Crepaco, and others, we have easy access to the parts & information necessary to do the job right.

    Other Pumping Technologies 

    In the food and sanitary industries, there are many different pumping technologies available. Our staff can help you select from diaphragm, triplex piston, progressive cavity, gear, peristaltic, or other styles suited to your specific application. As with all our used pumps, our experienced mechanics will carefully disassemble and rebuild the pump to meet the needs of your application. We have access to parts and information from many manufacturers such as Sine, Wilden, Cat Pump, Ampco, Jabsco, and others, so our rebuilt pumps arrive at your door ready to be put into operation.